G.I. Bill

If you receive G.I. Bill educational funding and would like to study abroad, be sure to start the process early. There are many study abroad options for veterans and dependents of veterans. It is important to understand the processes for ensuring that your benefits apply to the cost of your program.

Start by meeting with an Education Abroad Advisor once you have narrowed down, to the best of your ability, where you would like to study and/or what types of courses you would like to study abroad. Be sure to mention to your Advisor that you receive Funds from the G.I. Bill. It is also important that you speak with UConn Veterans Affairs and Military Programs for information on their processes before committing to a study abroad program. Courses taken at a foreign institution must be applicable to the home institution’s degree program.

Funds from the GI Bill may be used towards tuition and academic fees, but may not be used towards Study Abroad Fees, travel cost (airfare), or insurance. Below is an overview of how G.I. Bill benefits may be used for the different types of education abroad programs.

Please note:

  • Any amounts payable are reduced if the student is not eligible at the 100% payment tier. Example: If the student’s benefit payment tier is 40%, VA would pay 40% of the housing allowance, 40% of charged tuition and 40% of the books stipend.
  • Students must be enrolled in courses that will apply to their academic program.
  • The programs at the “host” school in the foreign country must be approved.
  • VA cannot pay any fees specific to studying abroad unless the student is required to study abroad as part of their academic program.

See also the information sheet distributed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in regards to study abroad.

United States Armed Forces Veteran Scholarship

This UConn Education Abroad scholarship is available to UConn students committed to study abroad programs who have served or continue to serve in our Armed Forces and are registered with UConn Veteran’s Affairs and Military Programs. Veterans will be automatically awarded $2,500 in scholarship support if they commit to a semester-long study abroad program and $1,000 if committed to a summer program. There is no application for this scholarship; students just need to indicate their veteran status on their study abroad application. This scholarship can be applied to the costs of any type of UConn-approved study abroad program and can cover Program Fees, Study Abroad Fees, tuition, and other study abroad-related costs as long as they are billed through UConn.