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Your student is embarking on an incredible journey rich in academic, personal, and professional rewards that will last a lifetime. We know how hard this may be for you as you send your student to live in a culture you may not have experienced yourself. Your reservations are quite normal and to be expected. Your child’s upcoming adventure is something new and different from what he or she has ever experienced before.

In order to make education abroad an option available to as many students as possible, UConn Education Abroad is committed to providing opportunities that are both affordable and meet the high academic standards of the University of Connecticut.  We work with faculty and departments across campus to provide credit that will allow participants to make substantial progress in their degree programs while studying abroad.

Education Abroad believes that each student is ultimately responsible for his or her experience abroad. This encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including meeting deadlines, advance preparation, securing a passport and visa, enrolling in coursework, considering personal safety, and being a responsible representative of UConn and the United States. We at UConn Education Abroad are here, of course, to help advise and guide your student through the process. Your support is extremely important, as well.

Our website is designed to help you understand the step-by-step process of education abroad at the University of Connecticut. It includes useful information about the stages of adjustment students encounter while abroad and answers to frequently asked questions.  If you have additional questions, we encourage you to consult our website.

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