Refund Policy

UConn Education Abroad Refund Policy

Careful planning goes into developing study abroad programs. As a result, UConn EducationĀ Abroad incurs a number of expenses overseas well before you arrive in your study abroad destination. Some expenses, paid shortly after you agree to participate in the program, are based on the exact number of students who have confirmed participation in the program. Other expenses are incurred on the basis of a certain number of students who participate in a program. For these reasons, if you withdraw from a program after commitment, UConn must pass the cost on to you.

All participants in Education Abroad programs must agree to and sign the Student Contract, which contains the following Withdrawal and Refund Policy:

1. I understand that, after I sign the Student Contract for or commit to this Program, the $475 Study Abroad Fee will be placed on my UConn fee bill. I understand that this fee is non-refundable unless I am not also accepted by the host institution (e.g., a foreign university or third-party provider) or if UConn Education Abroad cancels the Program.

2. I understand and agree that if I withdraw from my Program, I must submit a Withdrawal Form to UConn Education Abroad in order to formalize my withdrawal. This written notification must include my reasons for withdrawal. I also understand that my withdrawal is effective only upon that the date of receipt of written notification by UConn Education Abroad.

3. In the event of a withdrawal, I understand that I am responsible for informing all other relevant officials of my Program (e.g. faculty leader, host institution, etc.) about my withdrawal.

4. I understand that, as soon as I Commit to my Program, UConn Education Abroad immediately may begin to pay for my Program expenses or encumber funds on my behalf for that purpose. As a result, I am undertaking a financial obligation to UConn Education Abroad and any third parties to pay my Program Fees in full regardless of whether I participate in the Program. If I withdraw from my Program at any time or for any reason after I have Committed, UConn Education Abroad may not be able to refund any of my Program Fees, above and beyond the non-refundable Study Abroad Fee or the Application Fee.

5. I acknowledge that, if awarded a Global Citizenship, Regional Campus, or Veterans Scholarship, I must renounce that award if I withdraw from the Program, and UConn Education Abroad will bill my UConn fee bill any outstanding expenses as a result.

6. I understand that, if I withdraw from the Program as a result of my failure to comply with passport, visa, or legal status requirements within my control in a timely manner, UConn Education Abroad will not refund any of my Program Fees.

7. I understand that any airline tickets I purchase are my own personal financial responsibility and will not impact whether I am Accepted into my Program. I acknowledge that UConn Education Abroad advises I should purchase affordable and refundable airline tickets and/or trip cancellation insurance to help safeguard me against losses or penalties should my Program be canceled or Program dates change. I acknowledge that UConn Education Abroad assumes no responsibility for such losses or penalties connected to airline tickets I purchase on my own.

8. I understand that, if I am using federal financial aid and withdraw from my Program, it is my responsibility to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services, as my withdrawal may affect my financial aid package.

9. I understand that if I am participating in an academic year, Fall, or Spring Program and I withdraw or am dismissed from my Program after the start of the UConn semester, I will also be withdrawn from the University of Connecticut for that semester. I understand that I must contact the UConn Dean of Students Office to determine my status as a student and/or the process for readmission to the University of Connecticut.

Withdraw From a Program

If you were accepted to an Education Abroad program, have not yet committed, and would like to decline your acceptance, you can do so by logging into your study abroad application and declining your offer.

If you have committed to your program by digitally signing the Student Contract, but would like to withdraw, please complete the form below. Please note that you are subject to the Education Abroad Withdrawal Policy, stated above on this page, which you signed as part of the Student Contract.
Please note: Your withdrawal from your study abroad program is final and irreversible.

Education Abroad Withdrawal Form

  • Enter your seven-digit Student Admin ID number. If you are a non-UConn student, enter N/A.
  • Enter the name of the program from which you are withdrawing exactly as it appears on the UConn Education Abroad website.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.