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University of Auckland, New Zealand (Exchange)

IMPORTANT! Please note that this exchange program is limited in spaces we have to send students, and therefore is highly competitive. We encourage you to apply, but please note that we are able to send  4  students during the 2017-2018 year. Students should make sure to have a second program choice if they are not chosen to participate in this program.

The Program

The University of Auckland was established in 1883 and has grown into an international centre of learning and academic excellence. The University is a member of Universitas 21 and offers a world-class education to 32,000 students, more than 4,700 of whom are international students coming from over 90 countries. Almost 500 students come from the United States. The participation of international students in the University of Auckland strengthens relations between our countries and enriches the life and culture of the university.

The University of Auckland is a research-led university which is extremely important to our students and the quality of teaching they receive. We have links with many of the finest international universities, so we can always measure our performance against the best in the world.

The Academics

The range of courses available at the University of Auckland is extensive and academically diverse. Many courses and research activities reflect the place of Auckland and New Zealand in the world.

Pacific Archaeology, Ethnology and Languages are among the topics researched and taught in the Anthropology Department. Geographers carry out fieldwork in the Pacific Islands and university scientists make frequent study trips to Antarctica, while the study of New Zealand’s geological past and current volcanic activity attracts worldwide interest. Four Asian language departments and the department of European languages offer students the opportunity to study a foreign language. The Maori Studies Department teaches a language and culture unique to New Zealand. History, Sociology and Political Studies at the University of Auckland incorporate a New Zealand perspective and stimulate exciting comparative studies. You can browse the course catalogue at Auckland by clicking here.

In order to earn credit at UConn for courses completed on this program, individual courses must be approved by a designated UConn course evaluator and assigned a UConn course number. Complete instructions for this process can be found under Academics.

This list of course equivalents indicates courses that other students have taken in the past. It does not guarantee that they will be available when you participate in the program. If you want to take a course that is not on the list below click on “Academics” to access information on the course accreditation process.General Education course substitution: your school or college will decide if specific study abroad courses can be used to fulfill General Education Requirements. You will need to individually petition your school for the substitution.  For exact information, go to “Academics” and “Gen Ed Substitution”.Note: All study abroad courses have to be assigned a UConn course department number by faculty departmental evaluators before they can be posted and later considered for any minor, major, gen ed, or elective credit.

UConn Dept. and # University Course Title Foreign # Foreign Course Credits Accreditation Expiration Date
ACCT 2101 Managerial Accounting ACCTG 221 Cost and Management Accounting 3 12/31/2018
ANTH 1000 + ANTH 1093 Other People’s Worlds + Foreign Study ANTHRO 100 Human Cultures: Introduction to Social Anthropology 3+1 6/30/2020
ANTH 1093 Foreign Study Pacific 100 Introduction to Pacific Studies 3 6/30/2018
ANTH 1500 Great Discoveries ANTHRO 101 World Archaeology 3 6/30/2020
ANTH 3030 Peoples of the Pacific ANTHRO 104 (31748) Peoples and Culture of the Pacific 3 6/30/2019
ANTH 3093 Foreign Study Maori 130 Te Ao Maori: The Maori World 3 12/31/2018
ANTH 3093 Foreign Study THEOREL 106 Islam and the Contemporary World 3 6/30/2021
BADM 2893 Foreign Study COM LAW 101 Law in a Business Environment 2 6/30/2019
BME 4985 Special Topics in BME BIOMENG321 Continuum Modelling in Bioengineering 4 12/31/2019
BME 4985 Special Topics in BME BIOMENG361 Tissue and Molecular Bioengineering 3 12/31/2019
BME 4985 + ENGR 3193 Special Topics in BME +  Foreign Study BIOMENG221 Mechanics of Engineered and Biological 3+1 6/30/2020
CAMS 1121 Elementary Latin I Latin 100 Introduction to Latin Language I 4 6/30/2018
COMM 4460 Cross Cultural Communication Business 151 G Communication in a Multicultural Society 3 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
COMM 4993 Foreign Study FTVMS 110G Advertising and Society 3 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
CRLP 1101 Elementary Samoan I Samoan 101 Samoan Language 1 3 12/31/2018
DRAM 1811 + DRAM 4193 Dance Appreciation + Foreign Study DANCE 101G Introduction to Dance and Creative Processes 3 + 1 12/31/2020
ECE 3201 Electronic Circuit Design and Analysis ELECTENG 210 Electronics 1 4 12/31/2019
ECE 3431 + ENGR 3193 Numerical Methods in Scientific Computation + Foreign Study MATHS 270SC Numerical Computation 3 + 1 12/31/2020
ECON 1201 Principles of Micro economics ECON 101 Micoreconomics 3 6/30/2019
ECON 2440 Economics of the Global Economy ECON 232 Development of the International Economy 3 6/30/2021
EEB 2244 General Ecology Biosci 206 Principles of Ecology 4 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
EEB 4275 Invertebrate Zoology Biosci 208 Invertebrate Zoology 4 12/31/2017
ENGL 3693 Foreign Study English 355 New Zealand Literature 3 12/31/2021
ENGR 3193 Foreign Study ELECTENG 210 Electronics 1 4 6/30/2020
FNCE 3101 Financial Management FINANCE 251 Financial Management 3 12/31/2018
GEOG 1093 Foreign Study GEOG 102 Geography of the Human Environment 3 6/30/2018
GEOG 4093 Foreign Study GEOG 250 Geographical Research in Practice 3 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
GSCI 1051 Earth and Life through Time EarthSci 205 New Zealand: Half a Billion Years on the Edge 3 6/30/2020
HIST 1400 Foreign Study: Modern Western Traditions HIST 106 Europe Transformed: Pre-Modern to the Present 3 6/30/2018
HIST 1993 Foreign Study HIST 125 War, Peace and Society 4 6/30/2020
HIST 1993 Foreign Study History 108 History 108: Rise and Fall of the USA 4 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
HIST 3993 Foreign Study HIST 104 Pacific History: An Introduction 3 6/30/2017
HIST 3993 Foreign Study HISTORY 108 Rise and Fall of the USA 4 6/30/2021
JOUR 3093 Foreign Study POLITICS 113 Politics and the Media 3 6/30/2018
LING 1793 Foreign Study LINGUIST 101 Language and Society 3 6/30/2020
LING 3511Q Syntax LINGUIST 200 Syntax 3 6/30/2020
LING 3795 Foreign Study LINGUIST 200 Syntax 4 6/30/2020
MARN 1002 Introduction to Oceanography MARINE 202 Principles of Marine Science 3 6/30/2017
MARN 3230 Beaches and Coasts GEOG 351 Coastal and Marine Geography 3 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
MATH 3150 Analysis I MATHS 332 Real Analysis 3 12/31/2019
MATH 3793 Foreign Study MATHS 361 Partial Differential Equations 3 12/31/2019
MCB 2610 Fundamentals of Microbiology BIOSCI 204 Microbiology 4 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
ME 3220 Mechanical Vibrations MECHENG 722 Engineering Vibrations 3 12/31/2019
MGMT 3101 Managerial and Interpersonal Behavior MGMT 211 Understanding Organisations 3 12/31/2018
MUSI 1011 Music Fundamentals and Ear Training I MUS 100 Basic Musical Techniques 3 12/31/2018
MUSI 1193 Foreign Study in Music MUS 149G New Zealand Music 3 12/31/2018
MUSI 1193 Foreign Study in Music MAORI 190 Kapa Haka 1 3 6/30/2020
MUSI 1193 Foreign Study in Music Maori 190 Kapa Haka 1 3 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
NO CREDIT INFO SYS 110 Business Systems
PHIL 1101 Problems of Philosophy PHIL 100 Mind, Knowledge and Reality 3 6/30/2017
PHIL 1102 Philosophy and Logic PHIL 101 Introduction to Logic 3 6/30/2017
PHIL 1104 + PHIL 4293 Philosophy and Social Ethics + Foreign Study PHIL 102 Introduction to Ethics 3+1 6/30/2020
PHIL 1134 + PHIL 4293 Philosophy and Social Ethics PHIL 102 Introduction to Ethics 3+1 6/30/2020
PHIL 3250 Philosophy of Mind Philosophy 200 Philosophy of Mind 3 12/31/2021
POLS 1202 Introduction to Comparative Politics POLITICS 223 Comparative Politics 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 1402 Introduction to International Relations POLITICS 106 International Relations 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 1602 Introduction to American Politics POLITICS 218 American Politics and Policy 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3012 Modern Political Theory POLITICS 209 Modern Political Thought 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3062 Democratic Theory POLITICS 314 Democracy- Theory & Practice 3 6/30/2017
POLS 3235 Latin American Politics POLITICS 234 Latin American Politics 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3245 Chinese Government and Politics POLITICS 254 China and the World 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3410 International Political Economy POLITICS 341 International Political Economy 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3414 National and International Security POLITICS 327 International Security and Conflict 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3418 International Organizations and Law POLITICS 348 International Organizations in Global Politics 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3993  Foreign Study POLITICS 235 Nationalism & Internationalism 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3993  Foreign Study POLITICS 241 New Zealand Foreign Policies 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3993  Foreign Study POLITICS 340 New Zealand Diplomacy 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3993  Foreign Study POLITICS 342 Political Participation 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3993  Foreign Study POLITICS 343 Nationalism & Internationalism in Political Thought 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3993  Foreign Study POLITICS 345 Political Marketing 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
POLS 3993  Foreign Study POLITICS 352 New Zealand Parties, Leaders and Elections 3 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
PSYC 1100 General Psychology I PSYCH 109 Mind, Brain, & Behaviour 3 6/30/2020
PSYC 3103 Motivation and Emotion HLTHPSYC Emotion, Emotion Regulation and Health 3 6/30/2017
SOC 1993 Foreign Study Sociol 101 Understanding Aotearoa New Zealand 4 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
SOCI 1001 Introduction to Sociology SOCIOL 100 Issues and Themes in Sociology 3 6/30/2020
SOCI 1501 Race, Class and Gender SOCIOL 212 Race, Class and Gender in Australia 3 6/30/2017
SOCI 3271 Topics in the SOCIology of culture SOCIOL 101 Understanding Aotearoa New Zealand 3 6/30/2021
STAT 1100Q Elementary Concepts of Statistics STATS 101 Introduction to Statistics 4 12/31/2017

The Experience

Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city has a population of around 1.3 million, which represents about one third of the population of the whole country. Situated in the north of New Zealand’s North Island it occupies a narrow isthmus between two stunning harbors. With 23 regional parks, two marine reserves, 100 km of coastline, more than 500 km of walking tracks, and 48 volcanic cones, Auckland’s lifestyle has been voted amongst the best in the world.

Auckland is also the gateway to surrounding attractions, being just a few hours drive from the scenic delights of tropical Northland, the ski fields and rivers of the central North Island, and the secluded beaches of the Cormandel Peninsula.

Auckland has something to offer everyone, including great outdoors adventures such as bungee jumping, fishing, diving, surfing, sailing, parachuting, microlighting, horse-trekking- the list goes on. Auckland also provides an array of cosmopolitan experiences, such as concerts, theatrical performances, sporting events, scenic walks and art galleries. The newly developed waterfront offers an exciting nightlife with a variety of restaurants, clubs, bars and pubs.

There are a variety of comprehensive services available for international students. The International Office is the first point of contact for all matters concerning international students, especially inquiries and advice. The Student Learning Center offers individual learning assistance, courses and workshops on a wide range of skills and topics.

The university library is one of the largest in New Zealand and our electronic campus gives access to email, the internet and teaching and library materials.

There are over 120 student clubs and societies ready to welcome new members. The Recreation Centre, at the city campus, provides facilities for most indoor sporting and fitness activities.

There is also a student health center on campus available for all students.

You have a wide choice of catered or self-catered accommodations.


Go Overseas Study in New Zealand Scholarship
This is a full scholarship (US$15,000) for US students to study abroad in New Zealand for either spring or fall semester. In addition to the US$15,000 scholarship, there are five NZ$1,000 scholarships available for students who select the University of Auckland programme.

Education New Zealand Study Abroad Travel Awards & New Zealand Study Abroad Excellence Awards
Education New Zealand offers US$2,000 travel awards to help US students fund their flight to New Zealand and the University of Auckland offers US$500 award for study with us every semester.

Education New Zealand Study Abroad Travel Awards (ENZTA) 
These awards offer US$2,000 to help US students fund their flight to New Zealand. NZUEA Excellence Awards offer US$500 for study at one of eight New Zealand Universities.

University of Auckland Generation Study Abroad Scholarship
As a Generation Study Abroad commitment partner, the University is giving 100 Study Abroad scholarships of NZ$1,275 per year through our US partner institutions for fee-paying study abroad students. Please contact your Education Abroad Advisor for more information.

Exchange programs charge in-state UConn tuition for in-state students and New England rate UConn tuition for all out-of-state students, along with a few other UConn fees. For exact information on the costs associated with this program, please visit this program’s budget sheet by clicking the link below.

Because this program charges tuition, nearly all types of financial aid can be applied to defray the cost. Contact the UConn Office of Financial Aid Services for information regarding your individual financial aid package.

You may apply the following types of financial aid to the cost of this program: CT Aid for Public College Students Grant, Federal Title IV Funds including Pell Grant, SEOG, Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, Parent Loans, private scholarships, Tuition Remission Grant, University Grant, Tuition Waiver, and academic scholarships (such as Day of Pride, Nutmeg, Presidential, Leadership and Academic Excellence Scholarship).

You may not apply the following types of financial aid to the cost of this program: Federal Work Study

Budget Sheets: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
The Details

  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
  • Homepage: Click to visit

Dates / Deadlines:

Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2018 10/02/2017 10/09/2017 02/19/2018 06/25/2018
Academic Year 2018 03/08/2018 03/15/2018 TBD TBD
Fall 2018 03/08/2018 03/15/2018 TBD TBD

Fact Sheet:

Class status: 3rd Year, 4th+ Year Academic area: Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, Humanities, Sciences
Language of instruction: English Prior language study required: None
Open to non-UConn students: No Required GPA: 3.3