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University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Exchange)

The Program

As one of the most culturally and intellectually important cities in Western Europe, Amsterdam provides an ideal environment for academic study. The University of Amsterdam is situated in the heart of the capital of the Netherlands, a city that  boasts beautiful art and architecture, large parklands and over 150 canals.  A member of Universitas 21 and one of our newest exchange partners, the university is ranked among the top 15 universities in Europe and the top 50 in the world.

A modern university with a rich history, the University of Amersterdam (UvA) traces its roots back to 1632 when the Golden Age school Athenaeum Illustre was established to train students in trade and philosophy. Today, with more than 30,000 students, 5,000 staff and 250 study programs, it is one of the largest comprehensive universities in Europe. It prides itself on its “international classrooms”, where students from all over the world learn together on an equal footing. Teaching and research are conducted in seven faculties: Humanites, Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Law, Science, Medicine, and Dentistry.

As an exchange student you have access to courses in English grouped under the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Social Science and the Faculty of Economics and Business.

The Academics

IMPORTANT! The University of Amsterdam requires students to have at least 2 years of academics in order to be an exchange student with their university. Students are admitted to and registered in ONE academic department, and taking classes outside that department is subject to approval by the home department after you are accepted. Likewise, each department at Amsterdam has its own requirements for being enrolled in their classes.

Generally speaking students need to have taken courses in specific subject areas for at least one full academic year (24 US Credits) in order to take subject specific courses at Amsterdam. For Business and Economics, they need at least 2 full years of subject specific course work. UConn cannot change this requirement, it is the requirement of Amsterdam. If you do not meet their requirements they will not allow you to enroll in the course work for that specific department.

Students wishing to be a part of AUC (Amsterdam University College) should understand that the program is highly selective and intended for honors students. Admission to AUC is competitive and subject to approval by the University of Amsterdam.

Most classes at UvA are small in size, 30 students or less, in the form of lectures, seminars and tutorials. You will meet two or three times a week, and you will do a significant amount of work on your own time: private study, writing essays, preparing assignments, either on your own or with fellow students. UvA’s academic tradition places great emphasis on active personal responsibility in learning and on critical independent thinking.

Course taught in English are offered under the Faculty Exchange programmes: Humanities, Social Sciences, including Communication and Media, and Business and Economics.  In addition, there are intensive Dutch language classes for international students. Exchange students are limited to the faculty that they are admitted to, though that faculty may include many departments. Students can search courses here:

UvA operates on a semester calendar, with each semester consisting of two consecutive eight-week class periods followed by a four-week period in which students study for exams and write papers.  The university’s fall semester runs from the beginning of September (orientation the week before) to the beginning of February; however, except for the Faculty of Humanities, the other faculties will usually allow students to finish the program before Christmas. The spring semester runs from early February until the end of June.

In order to earn credit at UConn for courses completed on this program, individual courses must be approved by a designated UConn course evaluator and assigned a UConn course number. Complete instructions for this process can be found under Academics.

This list of course equivalents indicates courses that other students have taken in the past. It does not guarantee that they will be available when you participate in the program. If you want to take a course that is not on the list below click on “Academics” to access information on the course accreditation process.General Education course substitution: your school or college will decide if specific study abroad courses can be used to fulfill General Education Requirements. You will need to individually petition your school for the substitution.  For exact information, go to “Academics” and “Gen Ed Substitution”.Note: All study abroad courses have to be assigned a UConn course department number by faculty departmental evaluators before they can be posted and later considered for any minor, major, gen ed, or elective credit.

UConn Dept. and # University Course Title Foreign # Foreign Course Credits Accreditation Expiration Date
ANTH 3093 Foreign Study 120217356Y Dutch Culture and Society 2 3 6/30/2021
ARTH 1193 Foreign Study 900142HUM Periods and Genres: Modern 3 6/30/2021
ARTH 3993 Foreign Study 900231HUMH The Cinematic City 3 12/31/2021
BADM 2893 E-Business 6012B0268Y E-Business 3 12/31/2021
CLCS 2201 Intercultural Competency towards Global Perspectives 129211076Y Cultural Analysis 3 6/30/2022
CLCS 3201 Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies 900164HUM Introduction to Cultural Analysis 3 6/30/2021
CLCS 3201 Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies 129211076Y Cultural Analysis 3 6/30/2021
CLCS 3201 Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies 120217656Y Reading the City: Amsterdam Literary Classics 3 6/30/2022
CRLP 1101 Elementary Level I 900131ACCH Dutch A1 3 12/31/2021
ECON 2411 Money and Banking 6012B0316 Money and Banking 3 12/31/2020
ECON 2462 Government and Industry 6012B0279Y Regulation, Regulatory Impact and Reform 3 12/31/2018
ECON 2477 Transitional Economies of Russia and E. Europe 6012B0281Y Transition Economics 3 12/31/2021
ECON 2493 Foreign Study 115215336Y Arts, Culture, and the Creative Industries 3 12/31/2021
ECON 3208 Game Theory 6012B0220Y Game Theory 3 12/31/2021
ECON 3411 Theory of Labor Markets 6012B0275Y Labour Economics 3 12/31/2018
ECON 3421 International Trade 6012B0232Y International Trade and Investment 3 6/30/2021
ECON 3422 International Finance 6012B0320 International Money 3 6/30/2018
ECON 3431 Public Finance 6012B0254Y Public Economics 3 6/30/2021
ECON 3441 Theory of Labor Markets 6012B0275W Labor Economics 3 6/30/2019
ECON 3461 Organization of Industry 6012B0214Y Economics of Markets and Organizations 3 12/31/2020
ECON 3461 Organization of Industry 6012B0223Y Industrial Organization 3 6/30/2021
ECON 3473 Development Economics 6012B0269Y Development Economics 3 6/30/2020
ECON 4206 Mechanism Design 6012B0248Y Organizational Economics 3 12/31/2021
EEB 3893 Foreign Study 900254SCI Evolution and Origin of Human Diseases 3 12/31/2021
ENGL 1693 Foreign Study 900154ACC/HUM Big Books 3 12/31/2021
ENGL 3621 Literature and Other Disciplines 105214026Y Literature and Film: An Introduction 3 6/30/2021
FNCE 4893 Foreign Study 6012B0315 Finance 3 6/30/2018
FNCE 4893 Foreign Study 6012B0207Y Advanced Corporate Finance 3 12/31/2020
HDFS 3083 Foreign Study 7012K412CY The Meaning of Having Children in Cultural Perspectives 3 6/30/2018
HIST 1993 Foreign Study 120217346Y Dutch Culture and Society 3 6/30/2022
HIST 3993 Foreign Study 120208241T Dutch Culture and Society II: The Netherlands More in Depth 3 6/30/2017
HIST 3993 Foreign Study AA7827 Eurocentrism: History, Identity, White Man’s Burden 3 6/30/2017
HIST 3993 Foreign Study 900241ACC Amsterdam in the Golden Age 3 12/31/2017
HIST 3993 Foreign Study 900244ACC/HUM History and Heritage of the Dutch Golden Age 3 6/30/2021
LING 2793 Foreign Study 105218036Y Introduction to Interlinguistics 3 6/30/2022
LING 2793 Foreign Study 123011267Y Language in Politics – Language in Power 3 6/30/2021
LING 3798 Variable Topics AC7058/HNRL Urban Multilingualism 3 6/30/2018
MCB 4211 Basic Immunology 900263SCI Immunology 3 12/31/2021
MGMT 3101 Managerial and Interpersonal Behavior 6012B0249Y Organizational Psychology 3 6/30/2021
MGMT 3237 Managing Human Capital 6012B0222Y Human Resource Management 3 12/31/2021
MGMT 4893 Corporate Social Responsibility 6012B0211Y Corporate Social Responsibility 3 6/30/2022
MGMT 4893 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 6012B0215Y Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3 6/30/2022
MUSI 1193 Foreign Study in Music 119217456Y Sound Cultures 3 12/31/2021
No credit 6012B0322Y Management Accounting, Intermediate
OPIM 3104 Operations Management 6012B0247Y Operations and Process Management 3 6/30/2020
POLS 3993 Foreign Study 7323B049LY Networks and Corporate Power: An Introduction to Political Network Analysis 3 12/31/2020
POLS 3993 Foreign Study 77533400VY Topic US Presidential Elections 3 12/31/2021
PSYC 2101  Introduction to Multicultural Psychology 7203BS08XY Cultural Psychology 3 12/31/2021
PSYC 3883 Foreign Study 7203BO38 Sports Psychology: Focus on Subfields 3 12/31/2021
PSYC 3883 Foreign Study 7202AK34XY Behavioral Ethics 3 12/31/2021
PSYC 3883 Foreign Study 7203BA05VY Working in Groups 3 6/30/2022
PSYC 3883 Foreign Study 7022K415AY Lifelong Learning: Personal, Organizational and Societal Perspectives 3 6/30/2022
SOCI 1251 Social Problems ssoc 7332I002AY Social Trends, Social Problems and Social Policies 3 12/31/2021
SOCI 3251 Social Theory 900171SSC Classical and Modern Sociological Thought 3 6/30/2021
SOCI 3993 Foreign Study 900155ACCH Big Questions in Future Society 3 12/31/2021
SOCI 3993 Foreign Study 73020021DY Global Healthcare and Society 6 12/31/2021
SOCI 3993 Foreign Study 115215336Y ARTS, CULTURE AND THE CREATIVE INDUSTRY 3 6/30/2022

The Experience

The UvA guarantees accommodation for Global Exchange students applying before the ‘early bird’ deadline. There are different types of student housing that included shared accommodations and private accommodation with shared facilities. International Student Affairs will arrange and guarantee housing for all students who participate on exchange programs. Click here for more information about student housing at the university.

The International Student Network (ISN) is a student organization designed to help students find their way at the University and in the city itself.  The ISN provides mentors/coaches for international students, organizes a diverse blend of social activities and can arrange airport pick-up.


Catherine Dudley Scholarship Fund
One scholarship each academic year will be awarded to an outstanding student with demonstrable financial need. Priority will be given to students majoring in economics. The recipient of this award will be selected from the group of applicants applying for the Global Citizenship Scholarship (see above). Applications are available as part on the online application process. To be eligible, students must file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form with the Office of Financial Aid. If a student withdraws from his/her study abroad program after being awarded the scholarship, UConn Education Abroad reserves the right to revoke the scholarship award.

Exchange programs charge in-state UConn tuition for in-state students and New England rate UConn tuition for all out-of-state students, along with a few other UConn fees. For exact information on the costs associated with this program, please visit this program’s budget sheet by clicking the link below.

Because this program charges tuition, nearly all types of financial aid can be applied to defray the cost. Contact the UConn Office of Financial Aid Services for information regarding your individual financial aid package.

You may apply the following types of financial aid to the cost of this program: CT Aid for Public College Students Grant, Federal Title IV Funds including Pell Grant, SEOG, Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, Parent Loans, private scholarships, Tuition Remission Grant, University Grant, Tuition Waiver, and academic scholarships (such as Day of Pride, Nutmeg, Presidential, Leadership and Academic Excellence Scholarship).

You may not apply the following types of financial aid to the cost of this program: Federal Work Study

Budget Sheets: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
The Details

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
  • Homepage: Click to visit

Dates / Deadlines:

Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Academic Year 2018 03/08/2018 03/15/2018 TBD TBD
Fall 2018 03/08/2018 03/15/2018 TBD TBD

Fact Sheet:

Class status: 3rd Year, 4th+ Year Academic area: Social Sciences, Business, Humanities, Sciences
Language of instruction: English Prior language study required:
Open to non-UConn students: No Required GPA: 3.3