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UConn Social Entrepreneur Corps Summer in Ecuador (Faculty-led)

Additional scholarship money is available for this program. See the Finances tab for more details.

The Program

This program will provide students from a range of majors with an opportunity to inform real, grass-roots change in impoverished communities in Ecuador. Social Entrepreneurship is one of the most effective strategies for lifting people out of poverty, and The Social Entrepreneur Corps (SE Corps) is on the cutting edge of this approach in Latin America. On this exciting eight-week internship, you will study Social Entrepreneurship theory and Spanish, and have the opportunity to live with local populations and experience the complex diversity of Ecuador’s landscapes and cultures, from the Amazon to the Andes. Following a week-long orientation, you will work directly with SE Corps field professionals to consult with small community groups and businesses throughout Ecuador seeking to lift their people out of poverty.  You will not only make a tangible difference in people’s lives, but also gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become a international development professional, or a range of other careers. This program is sponsored by the School of Business and the Honors Program, in consultation with Latin American Studies, and is worth 12 credits.

The Academics

You will earn nine UConn graded credits on this program, as follows:

BADM 2891 (3 credits S/U)
Foreign Study Internship: Social Entrepreneurship in Ecuador
The internship program will explore the development and underpinnings of social entrepreneurship models and implementation strategies as they relate to rural economic development and expose students to various ideas and implementation strategies.  You will visit different organizations throughout the country to learn about entrepreneurial development at various life stages and will work with locals to develop business opportunities that solve problems and contribute to the economic development in rural Ecuador.  The internship will cumulate with service/field work with local entrepreneurs in a given community where students will act as a “micro NGO” to solicit plans, provide consulting support, and evaluate local entrepreneurs’ business plans and models for subsequent funding.  You will develop reports and presentations required by the Social Entrepreneur Corps program.

MKTG 4893 (for Business majors when MKTG 3101 is already completed) / MGMT 4893 (Only business majors)/BADM 4893 (non-business majors) (3 credits)
Foreign Study: Entrepreneurial Marketing in the Social Sector

To prepare for BADM 2891, you will analyze the cultural and economic situation of Ecuador as it relates to business development and entrepreneurship prior to departure.  This course is about entrepreneurial approaches to addressing global social challenges. Students will be asked to analyze rigorously the economic, social, technological, environmental and political contexts that define entrepreneurial opportunities. Each student in the course will evaluate a social venture and devise approaches for assessing its impact. Skills developed in the course will enable students to act as effective leaders of change through new ventures and existing for-profit, non-profit, and government institutions. The course cumulates with your participation at a University Symposium during the following fall semester where students present a synthesis of their learning experience.  To receive Honors credit for MKTG/MGMT/BADM 4893 H, students must be at UConn for the following fall term to plan and present at the symposium.

LLAS 3293 (3 credits):
Foreign Study: Ecuadorian Politics and Society.
The purpose of this course is to provide you with a background on the social and political conditions in Ecuador, and consider how they impact the social entrepreneurship work that you do there. The course encompasses three main parts: the first are pre-trip readings and assignments on Ecuadorian society; the second part is completed in country, and includes news analyses and reflection on your work; and the third part is intended to be an overall reflection on your experience.

PLEASE NOTE:  All students will be required to participate at a University Symposium to be held the following October at UConn.

The Experience

You should be prepared for the experience of a lifetime. During your eight weeks in Ecuador you will have the opportunity to learn the theories and then see them in practice. You will experience daily life in town and in rural areas. You will start out in Cuenca staying with homestay families participating in discussions, studying Spanish, visiting non profits and observing local social entrepreneurs at work. Upon leaving Cuenca you will travel in small groups to Riobamba, Loja and Zamora working on individual and group development projects focused on helping rural Ecuadorians earn incomes through providing Bottom of the Pyramid solutions to their community members. As a final project you will have funding set aside to analyze and “invest” in a local business that you will choose as a group. This is a unique opportunity to see and participate in real, high-impact social entrepreneurship in a developing country. And of course you will have time to climb volcanoes, backcountry hike and see the beauty that is the Incan culture. Most importantly, you will be directly and concretely contributing to economic development in rural Ecuador.


Ed Satell Social Entrepreneurship Scholarships
Ten $3,500 scholarships will be awarded to the first ten students to commit to this program.* There is no separate application for the scholarship–your application to the program qualifies you. A thank you letter should be written to Mr. Satell upon reception of the scholarship. A letter reporting on your experience must also be written and sent to Mr. Satell upon completion of the program. If a student withdraws from his/her study abroad program after being awarded the scholarship, UConn Education Abroad reserves the right to revoke the scholarship award.

Dr. Paul B. Goodwin, Jr. endowed Study Abroad Scholarship
One of the first UConn majors in Latin American Studies, Mr. Bruce Lane remembers how traveling in Argentina impacted and transformed his life. To assist new students in having similar opportunities, Mr. Lane has generously established the Dr. Paul B. Goodwin, Jr. Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship in honor of his mentor, Emeritus Professor of History, Paul Goodwin, Jr. The purpose of the Fund is to support University students participating in Study Abroad programs to Latin American and the Caribbean. More information on the Goodwin Scholarship. If a student withdraws from his/her study abroad program after being awarded the scholarship, UConn Education Abroad reserves the right to revoke the scholarship award.

Please note that the only type of financial aid that can be applied to the cost of this program, other than scholarships, are Federal Stafford Loans. Click the link below for this program’s budget sheet and contact the UConn Office of Financial Aid Services for information regarding your individual financial aid package.

*You are considered committed to a program once you digitally sign the Student Contract and move your status from “Accepted” to “Committed.”

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The Details

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Open to non-UConn students: Required GPA: 3