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UConn SSS Summer in Prague, Czech Republic (Faculty-led)

IMPORTANT: Students must complete a pre-application with the UConn CAP/SSS Office. You can download the pre-application here. Please turn it in to the UConn CAP/SSS Office when completed.

The Program

The University of Connecticut Student Support Services (SSS) Prague Education Abroad Program is a unique opportunity for Pell eligible SSS students to experience the many benefits of studying abroad in a safe and supportive environment. Led by SSS and/or other university staff, the program is designed to enable students to earn UConn credit while immersed in the history, arts, culture, and social life of Prague. This life-changing program fosters global citizenship while promoting students’ academic, personal, and professional growth.

To apply for this program,

The Academics

While in Prague, you will take the following three-credit course:

SOCI 3271: Topics in the Sociology of Culture:
This course will acquaint students with the contemporary Czech art scene, its “roots” and transformations from three different perspectives. First, the course will pursue how Czech art and music are connected with activism, minority groups, and mainstream culture. Second, focus will be placed on how to “read” contemporary urban performances, literature, and works of art. How and why do performances address and fascinate their readers? What value-hierarchies and culture-changing signs do they produce? Third, the course will familiarize students with the notions of performance art, digital media, counterculture, mass culture, and show their impact on Czech individuals and society.

Additionally, you will take:

UNIV 3999: Pre- and Post-Departure Course (1 credit):
This course will prepare students for a successful education abroad experience in Prague. It will provide them with opportunities to reflect and present on their experience. It will help them to consider the challenges they are likely to encounter while studying abroad, and to create a support structure amongst each other in order to effectively navigate those challenges. This course has pre- and post-departure components that encompass a total of 14 hours. The pre-departure component is held during the spring semester prior to departure. The post-departure component is held during the fall semester following studying abroad.

The Experience

As in all things in life, we get out of any opportunity as much as we bring to it. With an open mind and a willingness to explore, you will return to the U.S. a changed person, not only more knowledgeable but more independent. You will have ample opportunity to experience both the artistic and cultural side of Prague as well as the city’s vibrate social life.

You will live and take courses at Charles University, which is the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic, one of the oldest in Europe, and ranks in the upper 1.5 percent of the world’s best universities. Fields trips will take place regularly and will be an important part of the program. Prepare to be transformed by the experience you will gain living and learning in Prague!



Financial aid and scholarships are available to offset the cost of the trip. Ask an SSS staff member for additional information on available financial support opportunities. You should plan to have enough money to pay not only the tuition and fees that are listed here, but also for the following expenses: meals, souvenirs and mementos, personal time experiences, travel to and from to the airport, and all travel undertaken during personal time. Click the link below for this program’s budget sheet and contact the UConn Office of Financial Aid Services for information regarding your individual financial aid package.

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