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UConn Landscape Architecture in Europe (Faculty-Led) (Summer)

The Program
This foreign study course is designed for all majors. Students interested in Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Sustainable Development are encouraged to apply.

This program allows you to experience living in European cities while exposing you to societal forces that guide land use patterns in the cities and towns of 7 countries – Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. The ability to systematically analyze the ‘built environment’, in an objective manner, is the basis for understanding the ’cause and effect’ between the primary forces and resultant development patterns in cities.

Utilizing an experiential learning process, we will guide the student’s acquisition of knowledge through lectures, site visits and design projects to develop visual and communication skills as well as hone an individual land ethic and an understanding of ‘sustainable development’.

The Academics
You will take a Pre-Departure class during the last 8 weeks of the Spring semester for 1 credit and one Study Abroad course, earning 3 UConn graded credits for a total of 4 credits.

LAND 3510 European Urban Form and Design(3 credits) (UConn Faculty). The study of historical gardens, cityscapes and the critical inquiry of visual form and coherent patterns of European cities and towns. Extensive site visits to urban areas/landscapes in and around 7 countries, lectures and studio projects will be scheduled on a daily basis during the 4 weeks in Europe. Students will tour and document historic principles of city design and gain an understanding of visual form at an urban scale. The students will then explore and create ideas for form and space, working as project teams. Design projects will be presented and critiqued on a weekly basis to UConn faculty.

PLSC 3995 Special Topics  (1 credit) Pre-Departure meetings

The Experience
The program is located throughout 7 countries and their major cities and towns in Europe. You will stay in warm and welcoming youth hostels, with faculty as Resident Directors. The hostels will provide comfortable common rooms, internet connections, kitchens, dining rooms, shared bedrooms and baths. These furnished hostels throughout Europe will be shared with other study abroad students. You’ll be within minutes of the cafes, shops, museums, food markets, and the public transportation in these major cities/towns.


Please note that the only type of financial aid that can be applied to the cost of this program, other than scholarships, are Federal Stafford Loans. Click the link below for this program’s budget sheet and contact the UConn Office of Financial Aid Services for information regarding your individual financial aid package.

Budget Sheets: Summer
The Details

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Dates / Deadlines:

Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2018 02/27/2018 03/06/2018 TBD TBD

Fact Sheet:

Class status: 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th+ Year Academic area:
Language of instruction: English Prior language study required: None
Open to non-UConn students: Yes Required GPA: 2.5