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National Chengchi University, Taiwan (Exchange)

The Program
National Chengchi University (NCCU), located in the capital city of Taipei, is a comprehensive public university, ranked first in Taiwan in the field of Social Sciences, Business, Communication and International Relations in Taiwan. It is also regarded as the best place in Taiwan to study Mandarin. Established in 1927, NCCU has just 15,000 students (9,000 undergraduates) spread across nine colleges, creating a very student-centered environment.  NCCU’s “vision is to build a first-rate international humanities and social sciences academic temple, and nurture ‘Humane, Global, Innovative’ successors for the new century.” For more information on NCCU, see this video.
Taiwan is a modern island country with 23 million people, located southeast of mainland China and north of the Philippines. The history and culture of Taiwan are largely Chinese, although the influence of Japan and the United States are also visible. Mandarin Chinese is the national language, and the two other major languages spoken are varieties of Chinese: Hokkien (“Taiwanese”) and Hakka.
Taipei is a high-tech, bustling, international city of six million people. It boasts wonderful cuisine, the tallest building in East Asia, and an active nightlife. You won’t want to miss the “night markets” for their scrumptious food. The National Palace Museum contains the greatest collection of Chinese art in the world. From Taipei, you will have easy access to all point in East Asia.

The Academics

You will be able to earn a full semester’s worth of UConn credits on this program. While the language of instruction is Mandarin, NCCU offers many undergraduate courses in English.  Here is also a list of business courses in English available to exchange students. With permission of the instructor, you can also take graduate level courses across the university. The faculty are very receptive to exchange students.
Exchange students are also eligible to take Mandarin Chinese language courses through the Chinese Language Center. While the Chinese Language Center generally charges a fee for this instruction, NCCU’s Office of International Cooperation (OIC) offers Mandarin Studies Scholarships for Exchange Students to cover the tuition. Make sure to complete the Scholarship Application Form to qualify for the scholarship.

To better meet the needs of the exchange students, there are two tracks of Chinese language courses to choose from for exchange students: Regular Classes(15-hour a week without taking any other academic courses) and Special Classes(6-hours a week with other academic courses). However, the Scholarship will only cover certain terms of each track.

For Regular Classes: Fall term (Sep-Nov.), Spring term (Mar-May)

For Special Classes: Fall term (Sep-Nov.), Spring term (Mar-May)

In order to earn credit at UConn for courses completed on this program, individual courses must be approved by a designated UConn course evaluator and assigned a UConn course number. Complete instructions for this process can be found under Academics.

This list of course equivalents indicates courses that other students have taken in the past. It does not guarantee that they will be available when you participate in the program. If you want to take a course that is not on the list below click on “Academics” to access information on the course accreditation process.

General Education course substitution: your school or college will decide if specific study abroad courses can be used to fulfill General Education Requirements. You will need to individually petition your school for the substitution.  For exact information, go to “Academics” and “Gen Ed Substitution”.

Note: All study abroad courses have to be assigned a UConn course department number by faculty departmental evaluators before they can be posted and later considered for any minor, major, gen ed, or elective credit.

UConn Dept. and # University Course Title Foreign # Foreign Course Credits Accreditation Expiration Date
BADM 2893 Foreign Study Financial Accounting Principles II (must be taken concurrently with the BADM 3730 and 3740 courses) 3 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
BADM 2893 Foreign Study ETP Marketing Management 3 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
BADM 2893 Foreign Study Chinese Culture and Its Management Mindset 3 12/31/2017
BADM 2893 Foreign Study NCCUS06 Principles of Management: The Asian Perspective 3 6/30/2021
BADM 3730 Financial Management Financial Management 3 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
BADM 3740 Managerial & Interpersonal Behavior 9992MGT Introductory Management 3 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
CHIN 1113 + CHIN 1114 + CRLP 1193 Intermediate Chinese I+ Intermediate Chinese II+ Foreign Study 121 Beginning Chinese (180 hours) 4 + 4 + 4 6/30/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
COMM 4993 Foreign Study New Media Technology Civilization – East Asian & Western Perspectives 4 6/30/2017
ECON 1201 Principles of Microeconomics 217031 Microeconomics 3 12/31/2020
ECON 2201 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory 217021 Microeconomics 3 12/31/2020
ECON 2201 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory 217001 Microeconomics 3 12/31/2020
ECON 2411 Money and Banking 215041 Money and Banking 3 12/31/2020
ECON 2493 Foreign Study A200006 Economics and Social Change in Taiwan 2 12/31/2020
ECON 2493 Foreign Study 203878001 Asian Economic Integration 3 12/31/2020
ECON 2493 Foreign Study A800012 South Korea’s Foreign Economic Relations 3 12/31/2020
ECON 2493 Foreign Study NCCUS09 Cross-Strait Enterprise Development 1 6/30/2021
ECON 3421 International Trade 208016011 International Trade 3 12/31/2020
ECON 3461 Organization of Industry Industrial Economics and Competition Policy 3 12/31/2020
FNCE 4893 Foreign Study Wealth Management and Financial Planning 3 12/31/2020
HIST 1502 United States History to 1877 103747001 American History, 1492 to 1865 3 6/30/2021
HIST 3993 Foreign Study 103775001 History of Japan 3 12/31/2020
HIST 3993 Foreign Study NCCUS01 The Past and Present of Taiwan 2 6/30/2021
MATH 1793 Foreign Study 101852001 Calculus 3 12/31/2020
OPIM 3103 Business Information Systems Communication Policy and E-Applications 3 12/31/2017
OPIM 4893 Foreign Study Management Science 3 12/31/2016 – Needs to be reaccredited
PHIL 3264 Classical Chinese Philosophy and Culture 41156001 Chinese Philosophers: Mencius and Xunzi 3 12/31/2020
PHIL 4293 Foreign Study A100002 Chinese Philosophers 2 12/31/2020

The Experience
Every effort will be made to secure you with on-campus student housing.
NCCU provides limited on-campus dormitory housing. You may also elect to live in NCCU’s off-campus International House of Taipei. NCCU can also assist you in finding off-campus housing independent of the university.
As an NCCU student, you will have access to modern sports facilities, and an array of clubs and associations to join.
Please consult NCCU’s frequently asked questions page for more information on costs, housing, academic calendar, arrival, courses, health insurance, visas, etc.

Exchange programs charge in-state UConn tuition for in-state students and New England rate UConn tuition for all out-of-state students, along with a few other UConn fees. For exact information on the costs associated with this program, please visit this program’s budget sheet by clicking the link below.
Because this program charges tuition, nearly all types of financial aid can be applied to defray the cost. Contact the UConn Office of Financial Aid Services for information regarding your individual financial aid package.
You may apply the following types of financial aid to the cost of this program: CT Aid for Public College Students Grant, Federal Title IV Funds including Pell Grant, SEOG, Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, Parent Loans, private scholarships, Tuition Remission Grant, University Grant, Tuition Waiver, and academic scholarships (such as Day of Pride, Nutmeg, Presidential, Leadership and Academic Excellence Scholarship).
You may not apply the following types of financial aid to the cost of this program: Federal Work Study

Budget Sheets: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
The Details

  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
  • Homepage: Click to visit

Dates / Deadlines:

Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Academic Year 2018 03/08/2018 03/15/2018 TBD TBD
Fall 2018 03/08/2018 03/15/2018 TBD TBD

Fact Sheet:

Class status: 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th+ Year Academic area: Business, Humanities, Social Sciences
Language of instruction: English Prior language study required: None
Open to non-UConn students: No Required GPA: 3