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CIEE: Prague, Czech Republic (Third Party)

The Program

CIEE offers many different semester-long program tracks in Prague, Czech Republic. All tracks are open to UConn students. Even though the population is only 1.2 million, Prague has an unusually rich cultural life: festivals, operas, concerts, and cultural programs, and many of these events are accessible on a student budget. CIEE students are able to experience life similar to that of Czech students, make use of numerous neighborhoods of the city like native Praguers, and explore a captivating, recently-democratized society.

Central European Studies: If you attend the school where Einstein taught, will some of his genius rub off on you? That’s just one question we answer on our Central European Studies program in Prague. If physics isn’t your passion, maybe living in the same town where Mozart, Milan Kundera, and Rainer Maria Rilke plied their crafts will inspire you. CIEE places you into Prague’s intellectual and performing arts communities so you get a taste of the city’s fascinating past, present, and future.

The program is intended for students who have an interest in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, as well as in the political, social, and/or economic transformation from state control to democratic market-based systems.

Communications, New Media, & Journalism: Staggering architecture, rich cultural history, a turbulent past and exciting future – Prague is a fascinating city. And given the country’s rapidly evolving media landscape, it’s also the perfect site to examine the transforming nature of contemporary media culture. Develop a deeper literacy about global communication trends, and analyze the complexities of contemporary life in the Czech Republic during courses at the most prestigious university in Prague and internships with media organizations.

Film Studies: From Miloš Forman and Agnieszka Holland, to Emir Kusturica and Jan Svěrák – the tradition of filmmaking in the Czech Republic is rich. What will you shoot, direct, or write while you’re here? On the CIEE Film Studies program in Prague, you’ll produce a short 16-mm film or write a half feature-length screenplay with help from leading film professionals in Europe. Let technical film classes in the Czech language and centuries of architecture and history inspire your work.

Global Architecture & Design: Imagine working with leading experts and innovators to complete cutting-edge research and design project. Study with Prague’s thought-leaders and practitioners to gain an understanding of architecture and design within an emerging global context. Pursue hands-on design work in a state-of-the-art studio using the latest technology to address an aspect of the current global environment. And observe centuries of architectural history up close throughout Czech Republic and Europe – all with CIEE.

The Academics

For a list of courses, visit the CIEE Seville page and select the program track that you are interested in:

Courses taught at the CIEE Study Center are country and region specific. Class size ranges from five to twenty students per course and are mostly composed of CIEE students with occasional Czech and other European students. While lecturing prevails as the most common teaching method, most professors welcome class discussion and questions. Additionally, some instructors use videos, slides, and field trips throughout the semester as teaching aids. Courses meet twice a week for 1.5 hours or once a week for 3 hours. All regular Charles University courses are taught in Czech and are open to students able to follow instruction in Czech

Students will notice striking differences between the U.S. educational system and the Czech system. This new academic environment is part of the challenge of studying at Charles University and learning about the Czech Republic. Students must be aware that a high degree of self-motivation and self-discipline is required, and that independent learning and active participation in class are necessary to pursue academic topics of interest. Resources such as library holdings in English and Internet access may be limited and students may need to seek these resources outside the CIEE Study Center at public libraries or other CU faculties.

To receive credit for an internship, the internship experience has to be part of a graded course listed on the transcript from the foreign institution; and before you leave UConn, you must have approval for that internship credit from an academic department faculty evaluator.

In order to earn credit at UConn for courses completed on this program, individual courses must be approved by a designated UConn course evaluator and assigned a UConn course number. Complete instructions for this process can be found under Academics.

This list of course equivalents indicates courses that other students have taken in the past. It does not guarantee that they will be available when you participate in the program. If you want to take a course that is not on the list below click on “Academics” to access information on the course accreditation process.General Education course substitution: your school or college will decide if specific study abroad courses can be used to fulfill General Education Requirements. You will need to individually petition your school for the substitution.  For exact information, go to “Academics” and “Gen Ed Substitution”.Note: All study abroad courses have to be assigned a UConn course department number by faculty departmental evaluators before they can be posted and later considered for any minor, major, gen ed, or elective credit.

UConn Dept. and # University Course Title  Foreign # Foreign Course Credits Accreditation Expiration Date
ANTH 3093 Foreign Study CEAS 3002 Contemporary Czech Culture: Alternative Lifestyles 3 6/30/18
CRLP 1193 Foreign Study CZEC 1001-3001 Optional Survival Czech Language 1 12/31/17
CRLP 1193or

CRLP 3293

Foreign Study CZEC 1001-1004CZEC 3001 Czech Language, Elementary, IntermediateAdvanced 3 12/31/19
CRLP 3293 Foreign Study CINE 3009 Holocaust in Film and Literature 3 12/31/19
CRLP 3293 Foreign Study CINE 3009 Czech Cinema 3 12/31/19
DRAM 4193 Foreign Study FAMU Circulating within the post-modern cinematic image 3 6/30/20
HIST 3993 Foreign Study HIST 3001 Europe and the United States: Transatlantic Relations Past and Present 3 12/31/19
HIST 3993 Foreign Study HIST 3003 Tribal Myths and Traditions of the Czechs 3 12/31/19
HIST 3993 Foreign Study HIST 3002 Central Europe an Balkans in the 20th Century 3 12/31/19
JOUR 3093 Foreign Study CEAS 3004 Media Impact in Central Europe 3 6/30/18
NRE 3693 Foreign Studies in Natural Resources ENVI 3001 European Environmental Studies 3 12/31/19
POLS 3993 Foreign Study POLI 3006 Central European Politics 3 12/31/19
PSYC 3883 Foreign Study PSYC 3005 Psychoanalysis and Society 3 6/30/20
PSYC 3883 Foreign Study PSYC 3006 The Third Force: Psychology in European Context 3 12/31/19
WGSS 1193 Foreign Study GEND 3002 Gender in the Czech Republic and Europe 3 12/31/19

The Experience

Because of its innumerable characteristic steeples, Prague is called the “City of a Hundred Spires” and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This European Union member, and UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a perfect example of the steady development of a society that recently transitioned from a communist past. Study abroad students experience life similar to that of Czech students and frequent numerous neighborhoods in the city like native residents of Prague. Prague also offers a unique symbiosis of carefully preserved monuments of all periods and styles.

Housing arrangements vary depending on the program track you choose. Please visit the “Housing & Meals” section of the program on the CIEE website for exact information on the housing arrangements for your program of interest.



Please note that certain fees associated with this program will appear on your UConn fee bill. These fees are required in addition to the costs billed to you directly by the third party program provider. For exact information on these additional costs, please visit this program’s budget sheet by clicking the link below.

This program charges program fees and not tuition. This affects the types of financial aid that can be applied to defray the cost. Contact the UConn Office of Financial Aid Services for information regarding your individual financial aid package.

You may apply the following types of financial aid to the cost of this program: CT Aid for Public College Students Grant, Federal Title IV Funds including Pell Grant, SEOG, Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, Parent Loans, and private scholarships.

You may not apply the following types of financial aid to the cost of this program: Federal Work Study, Tuition Remission Grant, University Grant, Tuition Waiver, and academic scholarships (such as Day of Pride, Nutmeg, Presidential, Leadership and Academic Excellence Scholarship).

Budget Sheets: Fall, Spring
The Details

  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Terms: Fall, Spring
  • Homepage: Click to visit

Dates / Deadlines:

Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2018 10/02/2017 10/09/2017 TBD TBD
Fall 2018 03/08/2018 03/15/2018 TBD TBD

Fact Sheet:

Class status: 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th+ Year Academic area: Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts
Language of instruction: English Prior language study required: None
Open to non-UConn students: No Required GPA: 2.5