Education Abroad programs vary in their program fee structures:

  • UConn Programs charge Program Fees, not UConn tuition.
  • Exchange Programs charge in-state UConn tuition rates for in-state students and New England UConn tuition rates for all out-of-state students.
  • Affiliated and Third-Party Programs charge students directly for their program costs. Students pay the third party organization directly for their program costs, whereas the UConn fees appear on students’ UConn fee bills. Be sure to review the program’s full costs on the provider’s own website. UConn is not responsible for these costs.

In addition, for all programs, UConn may bill students the following UConn fees to their StudentAdmin fee bills before the start of their program’s term to ensure they remain enrolled at UConn while abroad:

  • Education Abroad Fee ($475)
  • Technology Fee (varies)
  • Continuous Enrollment Fee (varies)
  • Infrastructure Fee (varies)

UConn cannot waive these charges, nor are you able to dispute them. You may confirm the amount of these fees, and whether they apply to your program, on the budget sheet for your specific program. You may find the budget sheet on your program’s online brochure in our database.

Finally, Education Abroad will charge you an application fee of $25, payable through the online application.