*SPRING 2020 Participants*

On April 27th, 2020, the University Senate changed the Pass/Fail Request deadline for Spring 2020 students. Students who were abroad can now place a course on pass/fail up until seven days after they receive their final grades.

Once Education Abroad receives a student’s foreign transcript from a host program or institution, we will e-mail the student directly. At that time, the student has seven days to confirm which courses they would like to receive a letter grade and which they would like to place on pass/fail. It is important that students continue to watch their UConn e-mail account for the communication.

Please note that Education Abroad does not have official dates of when transcripts will arrive from foreign programs/institutions, nor do we have control over when it will arrive to be processed. Our office will communicate with you the Friday after it is received. If you need a more exact timeline, please reach out to your program/institution.

Students who chose the Pass-Fail option prior to the adoption of these changes will have the option of reverting to a letter grade by the same date as above.

The drop deadline to drop a course has not changed. It remains this Friday, May 1st.

Education Abroad is included in the adopted rule for Pass/Fail during the Spring 2020 semester.

  • You MUST still have each course you took abroad approved through the alignment system

We encourage you to speak with your school/college to discuss how a course or more placed on Pass/Fail will impact your plan of study.

More information from the Schools/Colleges:

After consideration of the impact of Pass/Fail on your academic transcript. Submit your request here Education Abroad Pass/Fail Form.


Pass/Fail During Standard Term

You may submit an online Pass/Fail Request Form for one course within the first two weeks of the start of the fall or spring semester or within one week of the start of summer or winter intersession. (Please refer to your program/host institutions academic calendar to confirm their first day of class). Once Education Abroad receives and approves your request form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Education Abroad follows the criteria set forth by the UConn Catalog in terms of pass/fail requirements and restrictions.

Courses on Pass/Fail:

  • Still need to be aligned
  • Still must receive a letter grade from the foreign institution on your official transcript
  • Do not satisfy General Education Requirements, major and minor requirements or any school or college course requirements
  • May not be acceptable when a student changes majors or schools within the University
  • May not be transferable to another institution

Removing a Study Abroad Course from Pass/Fail

If you decide to remove a course previously placed on Pass/Fail, you must do so by the ninth week of the semester abroad by re-submitting the online Pass/Fail Request Form with the “Remove Class from Pass/Fail” section completed and signed. Summer students must do this within the first week of the class.

School and College Restrictions on Pass/Fail

  • In the School of Business, students may not elect the Pass/Fail option for any of the departments of the School.
  • In the School of Education, students may not elect the Pass/Fail option for courses offered in the School of Education which are required for certification as a teacher.
  • In the School of Engineering, no course taken on Pass/Fail may be counted for credit toward graduation.
  • In the School of Pharmacy, no specifically required courses (all courses for which no alternate choice is given in the curricular listings) can be taken on Pass/Fail.
  • In the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture students may only place one course on the Pass/Fail option.