Education Abroad seeks access for all UConn students to academic opportunities abroad. We recommend consideration of some of the following factors when selecting a program:

Compare programs’ durations and locations.

Shorter term programs may seem less expensive at first glance, but semester programs may provide greater value, depending on other factors. Costs of living also vary from country to country. Consider more non-traditional locations or smaller cities to keep expenses affordable.

Review our different program types and their cost structures.

Education Abroad programs vary in their cost structures, which affect what sort of financial and scholarships may apply. Please review your program’s brochure in our database to determine its cost structure.

Research additional funding opportunities.

Its never too early to start looking into funding possibilities for your program. You may end up selecting your program based on the possible funding sources available.

Compare currency exchange rates.

The U.S. Dollar will go further in some countries than others, depending on exchange rates. Being prepared for how U.S. currency will convert into local currency can help you better choose a location as well as budget and spend more wisely while abroad.

Plan a budget based on your lifestyle.

Consider tracking your expenses for a month while here at home. This will help you determine how much you should budget for personal expenses while abroad.