Financial Questions

Actually, in some cases a semester abroad can be cheaper than a semester at UConn! In some countries, tuition and living expenses can be considerably lower than in Connecticut. This will change based on the program you go on and your personal budget. Check each program’s budget sheet for a list of program costs.

This will depend in large part on what kind of financial aid you are receiving and on what kind of fees and tuition you will be paying. In many cases, your tuition waiver, grant, or scholarship can apply to the costs of studying abroad. For detailed information, go to this Office of Financial Aid website.

There are a number of scholarships available for students studying abroad. Some are for specific programs or locations, some are for studying specific languages, and many apply to any study abroad program. Look through our Scholarships page to find more information.

In many cases, we will be unable to refund many of the fees and costs of a study abroad program. A great deal of the costs incurred by our office are paid before students go abroad. The later you withdraw from your program, the less likely we will be able to issue a refund. Please visit our Refund Policy page for more detailed information.