Faculty & Advisors

Proposing New Programs

Global Affairs – Education Abroad is eager to help faculty and departments develop new study abroad programs. We are particularly interested in developing UConn faculty-led programs, as well as exchange and direct enroll programs, that are integrated into departmental or program curricula, and which promote 1) experiential learning in the form of field work, service learning, internships, video projects or other kinds of hands-on activities, 2) creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and/or 3) foreign language acquisition. Programs can vary in duration and run during Winter Intersession, May Term, part of the summer or for an entire semester.

If you are interested in developing a faculty-led, exchange, or direct enroll program, please contact our office at abroad@uconn.edu and arrange to meet with our Director or Assistant Director. We are more than willing to meet with you anytime to discuss ideas that you have for leading an international program or to give you feedback on a draft.  As a part of the proposal process, you will need to attain approvals in the form of signatures from your department head and the dean of your school/college.  By signing off on a proposal, department heads and deans are approving both the curriculum and the faculty member(s) leading the program, including, where applicable, release of teaching responsibilities at the UConn home campus.

Completed proposals should be submitted online no later than 7 – 9 months prior to the start of the proposed program.  After submission, the proposal will be reviewed by the Study Abroad Advisory Committee (SAAC) that meets on a regular basis during the fall and spring semesters. Faculty can expect to receive an approval, rejection, or a “revise and resubmit” shortly after the meeting in which the proposal was reviewed.  Once the proposal is approved, an implementation meeting will be set up with staff from Education Abroad to discuss all the steps necessary to organize the program.