Education Abroad Forms


Courses taken on all approved programs need to receive UConn course numbers through a process called “Course Alignment”. Some programs have pre-approved courses already completed. Faculty Evaluators in each department/school review course syllabi and other course material in order to approve and assign appropriate UConn course equivalents. Alignments for courses that have been approved for all students are valid for five years, at which point the course must be re-approved. You can begin this process as soon as you have a syllabus, either before you leave or after you’re on site and registered for classes. It may be necessary for some students to get their courses approved after the completion of their program. To get courses approved:

  1. Check the list of previously approved courses to see if your courses have already been approved. Either go to your specific program brochure and look at the course list under the "Academics" tab to search for pre-approved courses.
  2. If the courses you are taking are on the list, you don’t need to do anything further. If any of the courses you are taking are not on the list of pre-approved courses, you will need to obtain a syllabus and course description for each. The syllabus must contain a list of topics covered in the course, required readings (including page numbers or chapter headings), assignments (including papers), and exams (including information about the exam format). A course description alone will not suffice and if the instructor’s syllabus does not include the above information, please ask him/her to help you append the specifics.  If the syllabus and the course description are in a foreign language and you want to get the course accredited by a department other than the foreign language department (e.g., history, political science), you must translate them into English, or have someone else translate them. Please be very sure to retain all notes, exams, papers, handouts, and any other course materials until the course has been finally approved by the UConn Faculty Evaluator and aligned by Global Affairs – Education Abroad.  The evaluator may wish to examine these items to assess the work you’ve done and the credit you received.
  3. Access the online course alignment system using the form link. Submit the syllabus using the online system to the appropriate department for each course you plan to take.
  4. You will receive automated emails from the system when you have submitted courses, as well as when any action is taken on the form (approved etc.). They will come from a ‘noreply’ email address at UConn.

About Pass/Fail Requests

If you would like to request that a course taken on an Education Abroad program be placed on pass/fail, please complete the online Education Abroad Pass/Fail Request Form

You may submit a Pass/Fail Request Form for one course within the first two weeks of the start of the fall or spring semester, or within one week of the start of summer or winter intersession. Once Education Abroad receives and approves your request form, our staff will check if off as 'received' on your application. Education Abroad follows the criteria set forth by the UConn Catalog in terms of pass/fail requirements and restrictions.

Courses on Pass/Fail:

  • Still need to be accredited
  • Still must receive a letter grade from the foreign institution
  • Do not satisfy General Education Requirements, major and minor requirements or any school or college course requirements
  • May not be acceptable when a student changes majors or schools within the University
  • May not be transferable to another institution

Removing a Study Abroad Course from Pass/Fail

If you decide to remove a course previously placed on Pass/Fail, you must do so by the ninth week of the semester abroad by resending the online Pass/Fail Request Form. Summer students must do this within the first week of the class.

School and College Restrictions on Pass/Fail

  • In the School of Business, students may not elect the Pass/Fail option for any of the departments of the School.
  • In the School of Education, students may not elect the Pass/Fail option for courses offered in the School of Education which are required for certification as a teacher.
  • In the School of Engineering, no course taken on Pass/Fail may be counted for credit toward graduation.
  • In the School of Pharmacy, no specifically required courses (all courses for which no alternate choice is given in the curricular listings) can be taken on Pass/Fail.
  • In the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture students may only place one course on the Pass/Fail option.


If you need to withdraw from a course for which you're enrolled while abroad, you may do so by submitting a Course Withdrawal Form.

Students wishing to withdraw from a class while abroad after the pass/fail period ends must do so by the 9th week of classes. This withdraw form should be used if your program does not allow for a course withdrawal. If your program allows for withdrawal from a course after the second week of classes, you should file the appropriate paperwork with your program or university. If your program does not allow for course withdrawal, then you should use this form. 

You are allowed to do this with 
one class while abroad. In many cases, however, you will need to stay enrolled in the course and fail it due to student visa regulations and needing to be enrolled full time. Once your grades come back to Education Abroad, this Course Withdrawal Form will indicate that the course you failed should be a ‘W’ on your transcript and not graded credit. You may find further information on UConn’s policy on ‘W’ credit for courses in the Undergraduate Catalog.

If you were accepted to an Education Abroad program, have not yet committed, and would like to decline your acceptance, you can do so by logging into your program application and declining your offer.

If you have signed the Student Contract and committed to your program, but would like to withdraw after that point, please complete the form below. Please be sure to review the Refund & Withdrawal Policy, which you signed as part of the Student Contract.

Please note: Your withdrawal from your program is final and irreversible.

Education Abroad Withdrawal Form

  • Enter your seven-digit Student Admin ID number. If you are a non-UConn student, enter N/A.
  • Enter the name of the program from which you are withdrawing exactly as it appears on the UConn Education Abroad website.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.