Academic Credit & Grades

Academic Credit Policy

When you participate in a credit-bearing program abroad through UConn Education Abroad, you remain registered at UConn and therefore may be eligible to receive UConn credit and grades.  As early as your first year in college, you may discuss your plans for a program abroad abroad with your academic advisor and how a program may fit well into your overall academic plan.

All credit-bearing courses taken on an approved programs may return to your UConn transcript with UConn course numbers, UConn credits, and UConn grades.  All grades are factored into your GPA. Students cannot choose which courses they would like to appear on their UConn transcripts and which they do not want to appear.

Courses taken as a part of an Education Abroad program fall into two categories:

  • Pre-approved courses include those attached to all UConn faculty-led Education Abroad courses as well as specific courses in other programs that have been assigned equivalent UConn course numbers and credits.  Pre-approved courses do not require further approval.  Once transcripts are received from the host institution, courses and grades will be recorded on a student’s UConn transcript.
  • Courses that have not been pre-approved must go through the course alignment process to be assigned equivalent UConn course numbers and credits.  This alignment process must be completed by the end of the semester after a student returns from studying abroad. Once the alignment process is completed and transcripts are received from the host institution, courses and grades will be recorded on a student’s UConn transcript.


Please note that it can take up to two months after the end of your program for your grades to arrive at UConn Education Abroad and be posted to your UConn transcript because universities in other countries do not necessarily operate on the same schedule as UConn does. Once the grades reach Education Abroad, the staff will forward them to the Registrar quickly, but unfortunately Education Abroad cannot predict when overseas partners will send them.

Dean’s List Eligibility

Some Fall or Spring term students have reported that they do not appear on the published Dean’s List at the start of a given term, even though their grades may qualify them for that notation. Although eligible students will appear on the Dean’s List eventually, UConn may not receive your host program transcript quickly enough or the Registrar may not be able to process their grades in time for you to appear on these published lists. If you are otherwise eligible, you will have this notation on your final UConn transcript. Please see the Registar’s website for more information on how you may qualify for the Dean’s List.

Course Alignment Deadlines

  • Students abroad during spring or summer have until December 31st of that year to submit all courses for alignment.
  • Students abroad for fall or winter have until May 31st that academic year to submit all courses for alignment.

Courses that are not submitted for alignment by the deadlines above will be listed as UNIV foreign study courses (with grades) on a student’s UConn transcript. If no foreign transcript is received, F grades will be recorded.

Grading Systems

Education Abroad will convert Host Program grades to a U.S. scale after your foreign transcript arrives at UConn. Many universities have different credit and grading systems that vary from country to country, and therefore, the number of credits that you take at a Host Program may be different from what you ultimately receive at UConn. Click here to review the UCONN Grading and Credit Conversion Guidebook.


To receive credit for an internship, the experience must be part of a graded course listed on the transcript from the Host Program. Before you leave UConn, you must have approval for that internship credit from an academic department faculty evaluator.


Course Alignment System

Courses taken on all non-Faculty led UConn study abroad programs need to receive UConn course numbers through a process called “Course Alignment” (previously “course accreditation”). Faculty Evaluators in each department/school review course syllabi and other course material in order to approve and assign appropriate UConn course equivalents. Alignments for courses that have been approved for all students are valid for five years, at which point the course must be re-approved. You can begin this process as soon as you have a syllabus, either before you leave or after you’re on site and registered for classes. It may be necessary for some students to get their courses approved after the completion of their program.To get courses approved:

  1. Check the list of previously approved courses to see if your courses have already been approved. Either go to your specific program brochure and look at the course list under the “Academics” tab, or use the Education Abroad course database to search for pre-approved courses.
  2. If the courses you are taking are on the list, you don’t need to do anything further. If any of the courses you are taking are not on the list of pre-approved courses, you will need to obtain a syllabus and course description for each. The syllabus must contain a list of topics covered in the course, required readings (including page numbers or chapter headings), assignments (including papers), and exams (including information about the exam format). A course description alone will not suffice and if the instructor’s syllabus does not include the above information, please ask him/her to help you append the specifics.  If the syllabus and the course description are in a foreign language and you want to get the course accredited by a department other than the foreign language department (e.g., history, political science), you must translate them into English, or have someone else translate them.Please be very sure to retain all notes, exams, papers, handouts, and any other course materials until the course has been finally approved by the UConn Faculty Evaluator and accredited by the Office of Global Affairs – Education Abroad.  The evaluator may wish to examine these items to assess the work you’ve done and the credit you received.
  3. Access the online course alignment system via the button below. Submit the syllabus using the online system to the appropriate department for each course you plan to take. View the instructions for using the course alignment system.
  4. You will receive automated emails from the system when you have submitted courses, as well as when any action is taken on the form (approved etc.). They will come from a ‘noreply’ email address at UConn.

Course Alignment System

Students studying abroad are able to complete online courses while abroad but it is not recommended by UConn Education Abroad. Remember that you are studying abroad to immerse yourself in a new culture and to challenge yourself academically while abroad; taking courses online can take away from this experience. Also, remember that access to high speed internet will vary greatly across the globe. You cannot assume that your living area abroad will have reliable internet access.

If you still decide to take an online course while abroad, you will be charged for the course you are taking during the same semester. The charges are in addition to your study abroad program charges. The following information will help you determine what charges you will be responsible for.

The UConn eCampus website has more information, including course fees:

If you wish to do Honors work while participating in an Education Abroad program, you may propose a conversion project with the on-site instructor. Education abroad conversions require approval from the Honors advisor in the department approving the course for UConn credit and the Honors advisor in the student’s major department. Alternatively, you may work under the supervision of the Honors advisor in the course department-from a distance-to complete a conversion project for a course taken while abroad.

Students who take Business courses abroad that are pre-accredited as UConn School of Business courses (MKTG, MGMT, etc.) must meet all of the UConn course prerequisites in order to receive the UConn School of Business credit. Students who take pre-accredited Business courses, but do not have all of the necessary prerequisites will automatically receive BADM 2893 Foreign Study credit for their course.