International Health Insurance

Your Health and Safety Are Our Top Priorities

UConn Education Abroad’s highest priority is to ensure the health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty abroad. Although we exist to educate and empower our students through intercultural programming, we strive foremost for the well-being of our student population in every respect.

In order to ensure that students have appropriate healthcare and security coverage, UConn has contracted with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), a leading provider of international health insurance, security services, and worldwide support. This plan does not replace health insurance that program participants may already have: it supplements domestic plans to cover healthcare-related and security expenses that may arise while traveling outside the United States. UConn may require students to purchase this insurance and bill their StudentAdmin fee bills.

The CISI study abroad insurance plan will provide you with up to $250,000 of medical benefits while you are abroad. There is no deductible per injury or sickness. It provides 100% coverage for physician office visits, inpatient hospital services, and outpatient hospital and physician services. It also provides coverage for pre-existing conditions – up to $10,000 at 100%. In addition, it covers accidental death and dismemberment up to $10,000, repatriation of remains up to $100,000, and medical evacuation up to $100,000.In addition to health care coverage, your policy also covers Security Evacuation Services. In the event of certain emergencies abroad (such as natural disasters and political/social emergencies), CISI will implement a plan to move you to the nearest safe haven or back to the United States, if needed. You may review the policy in full detail on the CISI policy brochure. For questions about these services, please call (203) 399-5130.

CISI insurance costs $43.00 per month.

CISI insurance coverage begins either on the date of departure or one day before the mandatory arrival date of the program, whichever comes later. Coverage ends either two days after the official ending date of the program or the date you leave the country where you have been studying, whichever comes first. It is, therefore, important that you retain the health insurance you already have.

A CISI identification card is provided to each study abroad participant prior to departure. You will be sent an email contain your coverage details, insurance card, and a copy of the claim form. Emergency phone numbers are listed on the front of the card. Study abroad participants should contact UConn Education Abroad for a replacement card.

If you lose your card, you can contact UConn Education Abroad for a new one.
If you have questions about benefits, you can always contact CISI directly:
Telephone: (800) 303-8120 Email:

It is important that you contact CISI first for all routine, non-emergency requests for health information, direct billing with physicians and hospitals, and outpatient appointment scheduling. By contacting CISI first, they will be able to start the billing process and you will not be stuck paying upfront and waiting to be reimbursed.
In the event of a medical emergency, Students should go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital and then contact CISI’s emergency assistance service. CISI will continuously monitor the Student’s medical situation, and provide care options, if appropriate.
Call AXA ASSISTANCE at (855) 327-1411 (in U.S.), (312) 935-1703 (call collect from outside the U.S.)

Make sure to have your Team Assist ID ready when you call. You can find this on your insurance card.

To submit a claim call (800) 303-8120 or email

CISI is contracted with many carefully selected doctors, dentists and behavioral health practitioners in 160 countries around the world. Study abroad participants can search by location and review the list of CISI preferred physicians, choosing the one most appropriate to treat his or her medical condition. This list is available on the CISI website, Requests for appointments can be made directly to the physician, or can be coordinated through CISI by calling AXA ASSISTANCE at (855) 327-1411 (in U.S.), (312) 935-1703 (call collect from outside the U.S.). Requests for direct billing should be made in advance of the scheduled appointment through CISI.

You can always go to any doctor, pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed. You may first want to contact CISI to see if they can locate a doctor for you:
Telephone: (800) 303-8120 Email:

By filing a claim with a receipt for your expenses/services and sending it to CISI.  This claim form can be used for prescriptions, and for fees for outpatient services not invoiced directly to CISI. Claim forms are available online at You may send completed claim forms to the following address:
1 High Ridge Park, Stamford, CT 06905 | E-mail: | Fax: (203) 399-5596
For claim submission questions, call (203) 399-5130, or e-mail

Yes, as long you are enrolled as a student of the university. You must do so directly with CISI.