Get Started

How to Find a Program Abroad

  1. Attend or watch Education Abroad 101. Take your first step at attend a in-person Education Abroad 101 session. This workshop allows you to learn how Education Abroad works at UConn, how much a program may cost, and how it can help you achieve your academic and professional goals. Learn about important deadlines and upcoming events.
  2. Plan your goals. What do you want to achieve on your experience abroad? What courses do you need to complete, if any? Do you want to hone your language skills? How can you contribute to another community abroad?
  3. Explore programs using our online database, view budget sheets, and see what courses are available abroad.
  4. Consider financial aid options and scholarships to help ensure you can afford your adventure.
  5. Drop in to talk with our Office Coordinator or student assistants. They can help answer questions you may have. There is no need for an appointment–just come in and visit us!
  6. Make an appointment with one of our Education Abroad AdvisorsOur team is here to help! We advise by discipline, so check to see which advisor works with your major’s academic department and schedule an appointment with them using our online system.

How to Apply for and Commit to a Program

  1. When you have selected a program, create an application using the “Apply Now” button on its brochure in our database. Programs without Apply Now buttons are not yet active, so talk with your Education Abroad Advisor for more information.
  2. Complete your application requirements before the program deadline. On your applicant homepage, you will see a checklist of everything you need to complete. Application requirements vary by program. To submit a finalized application, you may need to complete one or more short essays, request academic letters of recommendation, and submit a $25 application fee. You can send recommendation requests right through your application.
    • Please note that some programs require that you to submit a separate application to them in addition to the one you must submit to Education Abroad.
  3. Wait until your program deadline passes. Education Abroad will review your application along with other submissions.
    • If you are applying to a Faculty-Led Program, Education Abroad will notify you of your acceptance via email on the “Decision Date” for your program, which is listed in your program application.
    • If you are applying to an Exchange Program, Education Abroad will notify you of your acceptance via email once the host institution issues an official acceptance letter.  We will contact you before the “Decision Date” listed in your program application if we can nominate you for the exchange. Nomination is not a guarantee of acceptance into the host institution’s Exchange Program.
    • If you are participating in an Affiliated Program, Education Abroad will notify you of your acceptance via email once the host organization has issued you an acceptance letter.  It is your responsibility to make sure Education Abroad receives a copy of your acceptance letter from the host organization.
  4. Commit to your program application. After you have been accepted, you will have seven days to decide if you would like to participate. Commitment is final: once you commit, you agree to pay any non-recoverable fees regardless of whether you participate, even if you later withdraw from the program. Consider commitment carefully!