Course Alignment

Course Alignment

Course Alignment System

Courses taken on all non-Faculty led UConn Programs receive UConn course numbers through a process called Course Alignment. Faculty Evaluators in each department/school review course syllabi and other course material in order to approve and assign appropriate UConn course equivalents. Alignments for courses that have been approved for all students are valid for five years, at which point the course must be re-approved. You can begin this process as soon as you have a syllabus, either before you leave or after you’re on site and registered for classes. It may be necessary for some students to get their courses approved after the completion of their program.To get courses approved:

  1. Check the list of previously approved courses to see if your courses have already been approved. Either go to your specific program brochure and look at the course list under the “Academics” tab, or use the Education Abroad course database to search for pre-approved courses.
  2. If the courses you are taking are on the list, you don’t need to do anything further. If any of the courses you are taking are not on the list of pre-approved courses, you will need to obtain a syllabus and course description for each. The syllabus must contain a list of topics covered in the course, required readings (including page numbers or chapter headings), assignments (including papers), and exams (including information about the exam format). A course description alone will not suffice and if the instructor’s syllabus does not include the above information, please ask him/her to help you append the specifics.  If the syllabus and the course description are in a foreign language and you want to get the course accredited by a department other than the foreign language department (e.g., history, political science), you must translate them into English, or have someone else translate them.Please be very sure to retain all notes, exams, papers, handouts, and any other course materials until the course has been finally approved by the UConn Faculty Evaluator and accredited by the Office of Global Affairs – Education Abroad.  The evaluator may wish to examine these items to assess the work you’ve done and the credit you received.
  3. Access the online course alignment system via the button below. Submit the syllabus using the online system to the appropriate department for each course you plan to take. View the instructions for using the course alignment system.
  4. You will receive automated emails from the system when you have submitted courses, as well as when any action is taken on the form (approved etc.). They will come from a ‘noreply’ email address at UConn.

Course Alignment Guides

To find course alignments for your program, you may use the Course Alignment Guides listed below by program type.

These lists of course alignments only include courses that other UConn students have taken in the past. They do not guarantee that these courses will be available when you participate in your program. For a program’s current course listing, check the program’s website, which you may access from the program’s brochure in our online database.

If you want to enroll in a course that is not on the list below, you will need to align it using our Course Alignment Form.

For General Education course substitutions, your school or college will decide if specific courses can be used to fulfill General Education requirements. You will need to individually petition your school for the substitution. For more information, visit our General Education Substitutions page.

Many courses taken overseas may meet the criteria for the Minor in International Studies. To access more information, visit our Minors in Area Studies page.

Please note that faculty departmental evaluators must assign all courses abroad UConn course department numbers before they can be posted and later considered for any major, minor, elective, or General Education credit.

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Course Alignment Guides by Program Type

Note: Not all UConn Programs will appear on this list, as some programs are designed around one or more specific UConn classes that do not require alignment. These guides address only those UConn Programs on which you may take a variety of courses that require alignment. For more information about a program’s academic features, please read the Academics tab on that program’s online brochure in our database.

Italy-Florence, ISI Florence 061818

Italy-Perugia, Umbra Institute 061818

Australia–Brisbane, University of Queensland

Australia-Melbourne, University of Melbourne

Australia-Sydney, University of New South Wales

Australia-Wollongong, University of Wollongong

Canada-Montreal, McGill University

Canada-Vancouver, University of British Columbia

Chile-Santiago, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

China-Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong

China-Ningbo, University of Nottingham Ningbo

China-Shanghai, Fudan University

China-Shanghai, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

England-Birmingham, University of Birmingham

England-Coventry, University of Warwick

England-Colchester, University of Essex

England-Nottingham, University of Nottingham

Germany-Freiburg, University of Freiburg Baden Wurttemberg Exchange

Germany-Heidelberg, University of Heidelberg Baden Wurttemberg Exchange

Germany-Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Baden Wurttemberg Exchange

Germany-Konstanz, University of Konstanz Baden Wurttemberg Exchange

Germany-Mannheim, University of Mannheim Baden Wurttemberg Exchange

Germany-Stuttgart, University of Stuttgart Baden Wurttemberg Exchange

Germany-Tubingen, University of Tubingen Baden Wurttemberg Exchange

Ireland-Dublin, University College Dublin

Japan-Tokyo, Sophia University

Japan-Tokyo, Waseda University

New Zealand-Auckland, University of Auckland

Scotland-Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh

Scotland-Glasgow, University of Glasgow

Singapore- National University of Singapore

South Korea-Seoul, Korea University

South Korea-Seoul, Sogang University

Sweden-Lund, Lund University

Taiwan-Taipei, National Chengchi University

The Netherlands- Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam

The Netherlands – Maastricht, University College Maastricht

The Netherlands – Utrecht, University College Utrecht

Wales-Cardiff, Cardiff University

Third Party – Course Alignments (January 2019)

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