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Course Registration & Housing

Course Registration

Registering for Study Abroad Courses

Upon your commitment to your study abroad program, Education Abroad and the UConn Registrar will enroll you in a credit placeholder in Student Admin - this is what keeps you enrolled at UConn while you are studying abroad. This placeholder is 12 credits for semester programs, and varies between 1 and 9 credits for winter and summer programs. When you return from studying abroad and Education Abroad receives your grades from your program, the placeholder will be removed from your account and the actual courses you took will be posted to your transcript.

Students do not register for study abroad courses in the Student Admin system. Each program has a different process for registering for courses. Exchange programs and third-party programs will likely require students select courses before they leave to go abroad, whereas students participating in faculty-led programs often sign up for courses with their Resident Director upon their arrival to the program.

Registering for Courses for When You Return

Before you leave:

  • Let your academic advisor know you are going to study abroad and talk with him/her about your plans for registration for the semester you are returning to campus.
  • Make sure that you bring your PeopleSoft ID and password along. (The system requires you to change your password every 120 days. You might want to change it before you leave campus.)

Some tips for avoiding registration headaches:

  • Let your advisor know you’re going abroad and talk with him/her about your plans for the returning semester’s registration.
  • Once you get to wherever you’re going, make sure that you can log into the PeopleSoft system (
  • Log into the PeopleSoft system to check your registration appointment for your returning semester and to see if there are any holds on your record that would block your registration. If you have a hold for mandatory advising, contact your advisor via email about your plans for the returning semester’s registration.
  • Whether you are in Storrs or in Rome, it’s a good idea to plan your registration in advance. You can do that using the “Class Search” feature within PeopleSoft or using the Schedule of Classes link from the PeopleSoft login page.
  • Remember that all of the times (registration appointment times, for example) shown in PeopleSoft are in local time in Storrs, Connecticut. If you are traveling somewhere where you may not have internet access, the Registrar can assist with registration. You must contact the Registrar with a detailed list of courses including sections.
  • The PeopleSoft system is down for backup and routine maintenance Monday through Friday mornings from 5:30 – 7:30 AM local time in Storrs. (That’s 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM local time in Paris.)
  • Be sure to regularly check your UConn email while you are away. You’ll be getting information from the Registrar’s Office, Student Financial Aid, the Bursar, and Residential Life.
  • If you have problems with registration, you can email the Registrar’s Office for assistance at Be sure to include your Name and PeopleSoft ID in the message. If you’re not using your assigned UConn email account to contact us, please also include your birthdate and Social Security Number.


Canceling Storrs Housing to Study Abroad

Upon your commitment to your study abroad program, Education Abroad will communicate your information to UConn Residential Life. Res Life will send you an email confirming your study abroad participation and then cancel your housing. If you are studying abroad for the fall semester, pay your Res Life room deposit  if you are not yet committed to your program. Your deposit will be refunded once you commit to your program and Res Life has your information.

Registering for Housing for When You Return

If you study abroad in the fall semester, your spring assignment will be made for you based on the information you provide in your completed housing application. You will be able to access your assignment on-line in early January. Specific information will be sent to your UConn email account to keep you up to date on the process.

If you study abroad in the spring semester, you will select your own room through the on-line housing selection process. In February you will receive information through your UConn email account outlining the specific process. If you are unable to select a room during your scheduled selection time, Housing Services staff will serve as your proxy and access the system at that time to pick your room and notify you of the assignment through email.