Experiential Opportunities

Honors Programs

Honors students can deepen their academic experience even further through Education Abroad. Many students can arrange for Honors credit for courses they take abroad.

If you have academic merit scholarships, note that you may not use them on Fee-Based Programs, as they are not based on UConn tuition. Instead, Education Abroad and the Honors Program recommend that you consider a Tuition-Based Program, on which you may use such scholarships. You can view more information on the Honors Program website.

In our online database, you may view a list of Honors Programs. These programs allow you to earn Honors credit automatically, as long as you complete the designated Honors course(s) with a B- or better.

Internship Programs

Gain professional experience while abroad! Many students express that they acquired their foreign language skills, deeper connections with locals, and the most transformative experiences while interning abroad. UConn even offers some internship programs that may allow you to earn credit.

In our online database, you may view a list of Internship Programs. These programs include coursework that allow you to earn credit for your internship.

Service Learning Programs

Lead while abroad. Develop your citizenship skills through ethical service to the communities that help you learn more about yourself and the world.

In our online database, you may view a list of Service Learning Programs.

Teaching Programs

The Neag School of Education at UConn features several unique opportunities for students to shadow and learn directly from teachers in classrooms abroad.

In our online database, you may view a list of Teaching Programs