Accepted Students

Student Code of Conduct

As a UConn study abroad student, you are an ambassador of both the University of Connecticut and the United States. Accordingly, we expect you to adhere to the University of Connecticut’s Student Conduct Code, as well as the regulations of the specific study abroad program and host institution. We also expect you to abide by the laws and respect the customs of the host country. Please be aware that if the Academic Director, the Director of Education Abroad, or the Dean of Students determine on the basis of due process that you are in violation of The Student Conduct Code, your participation in the program may be terminated, and further disciplinary action may be taken which could lead to suspension or expulsion from the University.

Please read carefully the UConn Responsibilities of Student Life: The Student Code within the Division of Student Affairs, Dean of Students Office.

Here are some examples of misconduct:

  • Violation of laws of host country;
  • Abuse of alcohol, or use or abuse of illegal drugs;
  • Disturbing the peace or disrupting the community;
  • Repeated failure to control noise levels in student housing facilities;
  • Disruption of the academic environment of the program, including repeated failure to participate in class assignments or to attend mandatory excursions;
  • Academic misconduct, including plagiarism and cheating;
  • Vandalism perpetrated against public or private property;
  • Assault or sexual assault.